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Farmhouse Breakfast Week (22nd – 28th January 2012) is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast and demonstrate the variety of breakfast foods available in the UK.

The theme for the campaign is “Shake Up Your Wake Up” – make small changes to your morning routine to make sure you have time for breakfast every day!

Why eat breakfast…

  • Breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than breakfast skippers.
  • Eating breakfast can aid concentration and mental performance at work and at school.
  • It provides you with the nutrients and energy needed for an active lifestyle.
  • Research shows that breakfast eaters are less depressed and have lower levels of stress than breakfast skippers.

Some breakfast recipes…


The Festival au désert (Festival in the Desert) is an annual three day concert held on the outskirts of Timbuktu, Mali, west Africa. It is the most remote festival in the world and in 2012 takes place from January 12-14.

It has its origins in the annual meetings held by the nomadic Touaregs (often referred to as ‘the blue people’ because of the stains their indigo-dyed robes leave on their skin) to reconnect with each other after the nomadic season, have fun, resolve conflicts, and to exchange ideas.

The modern day festival is a mix of traditional north African desert music, international musicians, camel racing, dance and sword play.

The Festival is also a way to celebrate “La Flamme de la Paix” (The Flame of Peace), a name that was given to the ceremony where more than 3000 firearms were melted and used to create a monument in 1996 in Timbuktu.