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International Dawn Chorus Day is the worldwide celebration of Nature’s daily Miracle.

In East Lothian, IDCD is being celebrated with a Dawn Chorus Walk, organised by the Scottish Ornithologists Club (see below for details)


Dawn Chorus Walk

Event Information

Date 6-May-2012
Start Time 6.00am
Location The SOC, Waterston House
East Lothian
Admission £2 SOC Members, £4 non-members
Breakfast Includes refreshments after the event back at Waterston House.
Suitable for children Yes
Contact Jane Cleaver
Telephone 01875 871 330
Additional Information Includes refreshments after the event back at Waterston House.

From 21st-27th May 2012 Arrhythmia Alliance will be holding its annual Heart Rhythm Week which gives anyone the opportunity to raise awareness and promote better understanding of heart rhythm disorders.

For Heart Rhythm Week 2012, Arrhythmia Alliance and its members will be promoting the importance of patient empowerment. Those taking part in the week will be encouraged to organise awareness activities that help people with symptoms of a heart rhythm disorder access the appropriate information and support from a healthcare professional. Find out how you can get involved

Now in its fourth year, Green Office Week is an award-winning initiative designed to address green issues in the workplace and encourage office workers to spring into action and adopt practical ways to help the environment.

The aim of the week is to encourage workers to make environmental changes. Whether it’s to introduce a new policy, start recycling, reduce your carbon footprint or buy eco products, there will be a small change you can make.

Green Office Week (GOW) is an action-packed week full of fun and simple ideas to make your office greener. See what’s happening each day and then find ways you can fit these environmental ideas into your own work place. You can make a real difference to the environment by making a few small, practical changes. But don’t stop there! Become a true green champion by taking our daily themes and making them work for you every week of the year.

For the first time ever you can take part in the Green League to measure your environmental impact.


Focus on Energy

Encourage measures to reduce energy consumption in your company.



Focus on Transport

Encourage measures to reduce your company’s environmental impact through travel.


Focus on Waste

Encourage the 3Rs: reduce/reuse/recycle and benefit from the cost-reductions.



Focus on Purchasing

Encourage a review of purchasing habits and switching to eco-friendly office products.


Focus on Innovation

Encourage further discussion, action, and thinking about the environment well beyond Green Office Week! What ideas do you have?

National Vegetarian Week (NVW) is the UK’s annual awareness-raising campaign promoting inspirational vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle.

Why take part in NVW?

Taking part in NVW is fun, easy and will open your eyes to a world of delicious food and healthy eating. If you’re planning something as an organisation or community group it might help get more people to join you, buy your products or attend your events. It’s also a chance to try something new with your colleagues, show your students that you can cater for all diets or show vegetarians that your restaurant has some tasty choices for them.

Anyone can get involved with the Week: businesses, schools, colleges, universities, community groups, libraries, hospitals, families and individuals are just a few adding what they’re doing to our What’s Happening page each year. When the Week has finished we’ll be looking at the What’s Happening page to choose the winners of the Local Hero awards – so you might even win a prize and really make your mark on the veggie map!

Action packs

Inspirational ideas for businesses

ideas for community groups

Ideas for schools