BeatBullying’s mission is to make bullying unacceptable – for everyone, everywhere. For Anti-Bullying Week 2012, everyone is being asked what they are doing to make this happen. There are ideas for what you can do – as a school or a class, as a group or just as an individual – and your Ultimate Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to share the great work you’re doing.Happy Birthday BeatBullying
This Anti-Bullying Week We’re Making Bullying Unacceptable!


They’re back again! This year, Beat Bullying have teamed up with a cool new partner to make their famous blue bands. With the statement of “making bullying unacceptable” inscribed across each wristband, they’re available to order now – with a 10% discount online!

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School Resources

From lesson plans and activity packs to assembly presentations and competitions, take on one of missions to make bullying unacceptable.

Liz dropping out of a plane

Solo Missions

Wonder what you can do by yourself to make a difference?  Look no further…

BeatBullying is the UK’s leading bullying prevention charity.

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