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The Big Draw

Every October, the Campaign’s flagship programme brings communities together in creative ways. Launched as a one-day celebration in 2000, The Big Draw is now an annual month-long festival of over one thousand events across the UK. National and regional museums, galleries and heritage sites, local libraries, schools and community centres participate.

The Big Draw is an open invitation to people of all ages to discover how drawing can connect them with their surroundings and the wider community, and offer enjoyment. Over 20 countries join the UK annually in organising events.

The Big Draw 2012

To organise an event you need to register. We believe that there should be as few barriers as possible preventing people from organising or taking part in communal art or drawing activities. We therefore make registration free to everybody.

The Big Draw is coordinated by a small arts education charity and receives no statutory funding. We therefore ask for a donation, however small, in lieu of a registration fee. We recommend £25 per event organiser, which covers the administration costs of running Big Draw.

Every year we issue a theme to help you plan your Big Draw and perhaps go on to win one of our Drawing Inspiration Awards.

To make sure your event goes smoothly, we offer

Once registered you will receive regular Big Draw newsletters.

We also have a help page, with information about the registration process, how your details are stored and what to do if you need to change your registration details.

Key Dates

16 Dec Drawing Inspiration Award submission deadline
April 2012 Drawing Inspiration Award Ceremony
1 Oct 2012 Big Draw starts
6 Oct 2012 Big Draw day
31 Oct 2012 Big Draw ends

National Poetry Day takes place across the UK on Thursday 4 October 2012

Help us celebrate the richness, variety and sheer fun of poetry of all kinds, from song lyrics and nursery rhymes to works by poets laureate…

The 2012 theme will be…

We work with National Poetry Day UK, and as soon as the theme is agreed we’ll put it up right here!

National Poetry Day across Scotland and the UK

For details of National Poetry Day events around Scotland, browse our Events Calendar.

For poetry events outside Scotland, visit the National Poetry Day website.

If you’re planning your own National Poetry Day event in Scotland please let us know! Email

For teachers

Visit our For teachers pages to read poems, find posters, see ideas about how to use poetry in the classroom, and tips for using National Poetry Day postcards.

For librarians

Check our For librarians pages for event format ideas, easy ways to find all sorts of poems on this year’s theme, and other useful resources to help you plan National Poetry Day with flair and not very much cash.

National Poetry Day postcards

You can collect free poetry postcards from the Scottish Poetry Library.

Or read them in our Poem stacks online.

Contact us at if you would like to get your hands on some, or send a stamped SAE for a free set.