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The 8th of May is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. It is on this day because this is the date of birth of the founder of the Red Cross Henry Dunant. He got the first ever Nobel Peace Prize. Red Cross Day was celebrated for the first time in 1948. After several name changes, it became World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day in 1984. The day celebrates the role of members and volunteers of both organizations in saving lives and protecting poor people around the world. This special day encourages people to continue the work of Henry Dunant and help people in need. People can volunteer their time, donate money, organize fundraising events or give blood.

The Red Cross traditionally operates in largely Christian countries, while the Red Crescent serves Muslim populations. There are moves to add a non-religious “Red Diamond” partner. They work very closely to achieve their common aims. Their bonds have become stronger as they try to tackle the world’s humanitarian crises. Together, they have the world’s largest capacity to provide relief in any war zone, disaster area or natural catastrophe. They are among the most famous charities around the world and their two symbols are the most recognized logos anywhere. The two organizations operate in over 170 countries and have nearly 100 million members. An amazing 250 million people a year receive their help.


The story of an idea: a comic by Moebius


This animation brings to life the story of the creation of the Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement and its history to date. The comic strip was created by the world renowned artist Jean Giraud, alias Moebius.

Download a copy of the comic.

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