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Story Lab is the theme of the 2012 Summer Reading Challenge.

What is Story Lab? It’s a five-sided hi-tech HQ that attracts stories from all over the world and sends them spinning throughout the city – and beyond! It’s the place to read, collect, share, create, transmit and broadcast stories

Like all Summer Reading Challenges, Story Lab will be divided into three stages, and as children read books over the summer, they will collect stickers to help the Story Lab kids to complete each stage. On completion, children will receive a medal and certificate.


 Stage 1 – Bronze

Bronze coin – To retrieve an ancient bronze coin from the vault beneath the museum, you’ll need to read two books.

 Stage 2 – Silver

Silver mirror – Moving on to the river (site of Olympic activity and arts) the next stage is to recover the silver mirror from the banks of a small island. You do this by reading two more books.

 Stage 3 – Gold

Gold medal – The final stage is to retrieve a golden medal hidden in the Olympic Park. Again, you need to read two more books to complete the challenge.

The cast – characters in Story Lab:

Story Lab features four characters: Lex, Rani, Will and Evie. They are helped by Aesop, the ginger lab cat, and the operation is overseen by Prof Cortex. She’s the computer genius behind the lab.

From June, you will be able access the Story Lab website.