P4 Science Project


Our class project this term is learning about Invertebrates and Vertebrates.

Here are some of the comments the class made after the lesson on making ladybirds.

It was fun because we got to make them move – Niamh

We are learning about invertebrates for our science in a fun way – Orla

I liked making the ladybirds by putting all the pieces together – Taylor

The best part was making the wings and underneath the body – Sonny

The hardest part was making the wings move – Rebecca

It was fun and easy to make – Cameron

I learned that there are lots of different species of ladybird – Chloe

4 thoughts on “P4 Science Project”

  1. What lovely ladybirds primary 4. Are there many types of ladybirds living in Scotland?

  2. last year in p4 we where learning about invertibrates and vertibrates it was fun


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