Can Do Will Do

Primary 7 had an unusual start to their week with an enterprise activity in the gym hall.

A report by Calum Spence

I think the Can Do Will Do was fantastic and it was good how Will the man that ran it gave us lots of fun activities. I liked it when we got in to our groups and co-operated together like a really good team. We all liked it when Will gave you a prize sweet if you answered good questions. I also had a great time because when you where working hard in your groups he would come up to you and say: “How are you?”, and you would to answer back “FANTASTIC!” I learnt famous sport people don’t do it on their own. There are a lot of people alongside him to help him. This made me think that you everyone needs people to help them. One last good thing was you couldn’t say it was bad because Will had every thing organized perfectly.

A report by Caitlin

I thought Can Do Will Do was fantastic because I liked how we all sat down as a class at first and discussed things about being successful. Will the man that was running it showed us a man that entered a Olympics and nearly killed himself each year he went in and at the end of all that he one first place so Will said you don’t have to be smart to be successful.

I thought it was great fun because we got to get together in groups to do activites like: memorising games, mazes, drawing games, writing games, song games and other stuff. If your team won you got a sweetie out the hat.

Will also played this game, it was like: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and we got questions asked and if they were wrong you didn’t have to do a forfeit if you didn’t want to but we all done them.

I also liked when Will shouted: “How are you? “ and we all shouted back “FANTASTIC!!” and even the teachers joined in all the activites and it was good how he got everyone to join in.

Everyone asked if he could come back again because it was THAT good.

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One thought on “Can Do Will Do”

  1. The Can Do, Will Do event was a BIG success. Thank you to Will from the Learning Team. The children were really inspired and worked well in teams. They showed a Can Do approach to everything they did and persevered at tasks. This event really helped the children to think about their attitudes and certianly everyone left feeling FANTASTIC!
    Well done Primary 7.

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