16 thoughts on “Dinner Time!”

  1. We are so lucky, our dinner ladies make great school dinners. They were not like that when I was young! It’s a great chance to have a wee chat as well.

  2. School dinners at Ormiston are yummy, the macaroni today was my favourite! Great to see you all eating so healthily in the dinner hall. Your table manners are fantastic too, keep it up:)

  3. I’ve heard a few mixed comments about the school dinners and I was wondering when the parents of primary 1 kids were getting to visit the dinner hall courtesy of Elite Catering to try the food with the children? I’ve heard that it has happened in previous years in the school and I know that parents with kids in other East Lothian schools have had the opportunity to do this. I think this would be a good idea as I would like to see what kind of food is served and this would also help me to encourage emma to go and try!

  4. i think school dinners are okay.And it’s great to see p1 settling in!.

  5. i usually have a pack lunch but i’ve had a school dinner all this week!

  6. We always haver a school dinner and we chat to our freinds and set a good example for p1

  7. Im happy the primary1 pupils are getting more confident in the dinner hall because when there older they wont need any help

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