P5/6 Hockey Tournament

On 31st October, P5/6 went to Ross High for a hockey tournament on the astroturf.



The tournament was organised by Fiona Mathieson, the Hockey Development Officer and it gave everyone a chance to practise their skills in some fun games against other schools.
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One thought on “P5/6 Hockey Tournament”

  1. The hockey was really fun apart from I lost my jacket and had to go for it after school!. Thankfully I got it back!. My group only one 1 game but we thrashed them ;). We bet them 4-1! Wow what a beating Oh well at least we joined in with the fun!. Have fun if you do it next year P5 you’ll have great fun just like we did!.If you have a website on super clubs plus Please visit my SuperClubsPlus website …
    1)Log on
    2)Click on My School
    3)Look for GaryM then click on it
    4)TADA your on my spc website.

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