Scots Poetry and Singing Competition

This year saw another very high standard of entries for the school’s
annual poetry and singing competitions from each class.

Our judges were former school secretary, Miss Wilma Francis,
Mr. Jim Blane and Mr. Scott Gillies.
They had to pick 3 winners from each class.

Primary One
Poetry 1st – Andrew 2nd – LiamB 3rd – Cody
Song 1st – Brodie 2nd – Ryan A 3rd – Charlie
Primary Two
Poetry 1st – Zoe Milne 2nd – Elspeth Nicol 3rd – Amy McConnachie
Song 1st – Amy McConnachie 2nd – Euan Brownlee 3rd Erin Brown
Primary Three
Poetry 1st – Hannah 2nd – Rory 3rd – Katie
Song 1st – David 2nd – Rory 3rd equal – Ellie, Thea
Primary Four
Poetry 1st – Catherine Brownlee 2nd – Jenny Atkins 3rd Holly Napier
Song 1st equal – Nicole McAskill, Holly Napier 2nd – Jenny Atkins 3rd – Megan Forsyth
Primary Five
Poetry 1st – James Brownlee 2nd – Jodie Gare 3rd – Megin McKechnie
Song 1st – Ellie McNeill 2nd – Kirsty Jefferies 3rd – Jason Clark
Primary Six
Poetry 1st equal – Orla Dixon, Niamh Gillies 3rd – Rebecca McAvoy
Song 1st Orla – Dixon 2nd – Chloe Kay 3rd equal – Breige Dobbie, Cameron McNeil
Primary Six/Seven
Poetry 1st – Jack 2nd – Gary 3rd Kieran, Katie
Song 1st – Carly 2nd – Katie 3rd – Jemma H

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  1. I had the privilege to listen to most of the finalists and I was very impressed at the hard work that had gone into learning the poems and songs by all of the children. I am glad I didn’t have to do the judging!

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