Unicef’s Day for Change

On Friday the whole school will be taking part in UNICEF’s Day of Change which this year is focusing on health care in Papua New Guinea. The children were introduced to the issue on Monday and are following this up with home work activities through out the week. They can also take part in a Dressing Down Day (on Friday morning) in the colours of the Papua New Guinea flag – black, red, yellow or white. (or a mixture of all of them!) We are asking for a donation of 50p for this fundraiser. Children can bring as much or as little as they can.

One thought on “Unicef’s Day for Change”

  1. What a long trail of coins we managed to create! Well done to everyone who helped count up all of the coins and bag them up to send to UNICEF. I am interested to hear about what UNICEF have been doing with the money we have sent. Maybe you can keep an eye on the UNICEF website and share the good news when it comes in.

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