June Events in School

This is a very busy month as we head towards the end of term and indeed the end of the school session for 2008-2009. Learning stories are almost ready to go home for that very important last comment from the parents’. Make sure to check out what your child has been achieving this term.
School is closed on Monday the 8th June for a teacher’s inservice day when the teachers work on the new curriculum for excellence targets.
School sports day is on the 17th June all day! (with a back up date of the 23rd June if the weather is bad or the ground is too wet).
Last year we had a very successful whole school walk at the end of June and so it has been included again this year. We hope to also have a picnic on our way to Pencaitland this time.
Primary seven are getting very excited as they look forward to the two day visit to the Ross High School on the 10th and 11th of June. We will say farewell to them at the end of term Church Service held in Ormiston Parish Church on the 25th of June at 9.30am. The end of school term also sees the annual Ormi’s Got Talent contest take place so Simon Cowell had better watch out! School finishes at usual time on 26th June.