Camp Stories

We arrived at Benmore yesterday and have been busy ever since.  When we got here we had some juice then we were put into groups and met our instructors.  They showed us where our dorms are and we had to make our own beds.  It was really hard because nobody in our room was used to putting sheets on.  We got waterproofs and massive boots and we went for a tour of the grounds that normally costs £3.50 to see the Botanic Garden.  There were loads of puddles and we splashed in them and went through tunnels and over bridges.  Last night, tea was fish and chips.  After diary time we went on a night walk.  It was dark, muddy, foggy, wet and the best part… we weren’t aloud torches!  We had to go in a line and hold a rope to get to the other end. 

Today has been busy too.  Each group has done 2 activities.  Here are some pages from our camp diaries…

“Today my group went canoeing.   Before we started I was nervous then when when we started it got easier, then we started to race.  Half way through it I wished I had more layers of clothes on.  It was freezing but we stopped for hot chocolate.  “Woo hoo!” I said to myself.  We played a game when we had to get rubber ducks.  It was really funny.”  Connor C


“Today is my birthday!  As soon as I got up I opened my presents and I got lots of cards.  Then we tidied up our room.  Boring!  Then the activities began.  We got our waterproofs and wellies on and set off in the bus to the forest.  We went forest walking.  This was the best part of camp so far.  We walked through the forest, round trees, up waterfalls and through a waterfall.  I fell over walking through the waterfall.  It was FUN!!!

When we got back, everyone sang Happy Birthday.  I had fits of giggles and I couldn’t even blow out the candles.  I’m so happy I came.”  Chloe


“Today Benmore offered a choice of either abseiling down a 50ft rock or walking down a boring track!  We all abseiled down the rock with no fear at all.  The climbing was great. 

The chores were not at all bad and we were all late for room inspections which lost us a mark but we still got 9/10.  We did orienteering too which was really hard.  We had to read the map whilst running which made it bounce all over the place.  The highlight of the day was getting a piece of Chloe’s birthday cake and seeing her face when all the room sang to her.”  Connor L


“Today I fought my fear because I went abseiling.  I was really scared to start with.  I went with Connor and Sonny.  We started off with a 17ft indoor abseiling course then we had to do a 50 ft quarry.  We also had to climb up it by bits of rock that stuck out then we tied a rope to our harness.  Next I had to lean back and then I walked back and in my mind I kept thinking I am going to make it.” Sean

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  1. It’s great to hear that you are all having so much fun.. especially the getting wet part, by the sounds of things!

    Well done for trying all of the activities, most of which will be new, and for having the courage to try things that you thought were too difficult for you!

  2. Sounds as if you are all having a really great time, cant wait to see the photos when you all get back.

  3. Really enjoyed your news from Benmore ,sounds fantastic and very challenging for everyone in many ways! (MAKING BEDS?) Hope the weather doesn’t cause any problems for the rest of your activities Have fun and see you soon!

  4. Camp was totaly amasing!:) I soooo wont to do it all again! Im missing all my new friends:) If you are not sure if you wont to go to camp in P7 you should defenatly go!

  5. Camp was fantastic i wish i could go all over again.Met some really good friends and have kept in touch since coming back.Cant wait till the school party at St martins should be fun seeing everyone again 🙂

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