Scots’ Assembly

Classes are working hard on their poems and songs for our Scots Assembly next Friday 29th of January. Parents are welcome to come along and hear the performers.

Many classes are linking this work to other areas of the curriculum. Here you can read a poem written by Niamh Gillies in Primary 7.

This New Year I had a braw wee plan.
I’d stop biting my nails
for as lang as I can.
They got awfie short and very sore
I’ll find ma’sel a much safer chore.

I was inspired when I keeked at my pals
wee nails.
So I bought bonnie polish in the
New Year sales.
They’ll grow long like a bonnie lassie’s
Aw strang and shiny you’ll hae to
wear glasses.

So everyday I dinnae bite
Not even when am scared in the night.
I give them a wee paint
Short and sare they definately ain’t.

Niamh Gillies P7

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