Wow! Awesome!  A big congratulations to everyone for your fantastic performance of We Will Rock You!  The scenery, the singing, the costumes, the acting, it was all brilliant! 

Gail Walshe
(rockyou file added by Mrs Gilmour)


  1. I came to see your performance of We Will Rock You last night and it was AMAZING!

    All the pupils in P4-P7 should give themselves a HUGE pat on the back – you are all stars.


  2. Guys, the show was great. Everyone in the audience had a fab time and it was so good to see the school kids and teachers enjoying themselves.

    I can’t wait for the next one!

  3. We Will Rock You was a fantastic experience and everyone played their part VERY well! Everyone with their Superb Costumes and the Chorus with their Yellow ‘Ormiston Will Rock You’ T-shirts on looked and sang brilliant! Three Cheers for Ormiston Primary School!!

  4. Well done to everybody – it was great to see all your effort pay off this week, and everyone’s work come together: music and costumes and scenery and acting and dance. A big thank you to all the teachers who gave up so much of their time, and of course the pupils- you ROCKED!

  5. I really enjoyed We will rock You, or, Ormiston Will Rock You! It was amazing and everyone looked fab in their tops. The actors all did really well learnig their lines and remembering the stage directions.

    Hayley P5/6

  6. WOW! What a fantastic show. Kevin & I enjoyed the Tuesday show that much we were back on Wednesday! All the kids were fantastic and the hard work thay put in certainly paid off. A BIG congratulations to all. I’m looking forward to the next one, should we start taking bets as to the show? Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar the choices are endless!

  7. I really enjoyed doing We Will Rock You.It was fun to go up on stage in front of alot of people.The dance looked FABBY.

    Hannah P4

  8. Show was fabby!! Well done everyone……you all worked so hard. Couldn’t resist singing along, can’t wait to see the next one:)

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