P6 Botanic Gardens Visit

Yesterday P6 visited Botanic Gardens as part of our rainforest topic. We first arrived at the Botanic Gardens and walked about the entrance hall looking at all of the different things about the rainforests. There was different smells, sounds and sights that you would experience in the rainforest. Then we went to a room where we could put our things so we didn’t have to carry them about with us.

    The first workshop we took part in was called A Trip Around the World. We went into the glass houses.  Inside the glass houses there were different climates. There was a Desert and a Rainforest. Our guide told us information about the different plants and animals that are in the glasshouse.

      When we had finished that workshop we then had lunch. The second workshop we took was called An Adventure in the Rainforest. This workshop was  where we spent most of  our time in the rainforest glasshouse. Our guide told us all about different plants like carnivorous plants. We all had great fun and learned lot’s more than we already did.