P5 Camp

7.20am We’re all just starting to get up and ready for our first full day at camp.
Yesterday, once we’d made our beds, we had a tour around Dukeshouse. “Cool, awesome,” and, “brilliant,” were some of the words used to describe the activities we saw.
After dinner we all went into the sports hall to do indoor climbing and everyone had a go, then we did a fire drill before our next activity – Scrapheap Challenge.
We were all so excited, it took us a while to get to sleep but the girls are raring to go this morning.

Thursday night – it’s been non stop all day. We split into two groups and have done loads of activities today.
Nightline, archery, team challenge, 3G swing, zip-wire, environmental art and camp fire. We’ve got so much to rell you all when we get back to Ormiston.

See you tomorrow.

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