Ormiston Primary School Winter Run

What a morning! All term, we’ve been working on improving our fitness and this morning, children from P3 – P7 had a chance to take part in our 2km or 3km runs.
We set off from George Crescent and followed the signs that Mrs Wightman had borrowed from the triathlon club. Everyone ran down the track to the railway where the 3km runners headed over the Howden bridge to do an extra loop and add the extra km to their distance. The 2km runners took a right onto the railway path at this stage and jogged round past the Ormiston Grows allotment and under Puddle Bridge.
With the 3km runners back onto the railway path, the race was on to see who was going to get to the finish first, at the crossroads of Hillview and the railway.
Congratulations to our 2km winner – Elise Gillies and our 3km winner – James Lithgow.
Take a look at the results pages to find out overall positions.

Finalists 2km race

Finalists 3km race