Look who’s started big school!

It’s lovely to welcome back all of our pupils at the start of our new school year and to hear all of the stories of what they’ve been up to over the holidays.
For last year’s nursery children, it’s been the first few days in their new school uniforms.
Check out these photographs of how grown up they look!

Primary 1 August 2014 on PhotoPeach

2 thoughts on “Look who’s started big school!”

  1. A huge big thank you to all the staff and buddies who were involved in the transition activities before the summer holidays. The move from nursery to P1 has felt extremely smooth. When did they all grow up? Our “wee man” was even asking to go to school on Saturday and Sunday 🙂 Is that a good sign?! We are really grateful for all the thought, time and energy that went into making the move so warm, welcoming and exciting. The photos are lovely. And no, I didn’t start greetin’ when I saw them! Wishing all the new Primary One Bairns, Miss Jack and Miss Kinghorn a very memorable, fun filled, fabulous year. (Harris’s Mummy and Daddy)

  2. My buddy Layla gave me a card with ten pounds in it so I gave her two loom bands and today I gave her a drawing from golden time and she gave me one back she’s lovely xx

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