Hibs 90 Minute Club Scores Again!


We’re delighted to welcome Sue back to Ormiston to help run this amazing club again.  Sue brought along Danny Handling and Callum Booth also kicked off the programme last week.

Hibernian’s 90 Minutes Club is an excitingnd enjoyable way to help P5-P7 pupils re-engage with learning and develop positive connections with school using extra-curricular football related themes and activities.

For eight to 10 weeks during term time, pupils are invited to participate in weekly sessions consisting of two 45-minutes.

The first half is dedicated homework time, where pupils can focus on completing assigned homework with the support of a learning assistant.

The second half provides the participants coaching in professional football tactics and techniques by a qualified Hibernian Community Coach and time for small sided games. The 90 Minutes Club includes an “extra time” visit behind the scenes at Easter Road Stadium where the rich history and excitement of Hibernian Football Club comes alive.

The main aim of the Hibernian 90 Minutes Club is to use the appeal and power of football to encourage young children to get more involved in their education. Football coaching is also a way to engage positively with physical activity and skill development.