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P5/6 Visit the River Tyne at Ormiston

  Primary 5/6 River Visit

    On Wednesday the 9th June we went to the River Tyne with the ranger, Richard English. When we were there, we measured the depth, width and speed of the river. We also compared it to the mouth of the river in Dunbar. It was different because the mouth was much wider than the Tyne in Ormiston and it was deeper too. To measure the depth of the river, Richard had a measuring stick and measured four different places, then averaged it by adding the measurements, then dividing it by 4. To measure the width, we had a measuring tape and had 1 person at one side and Richard at the other holding it. To measure the speed of the river we had a rubber duck race track 10 metres long and put 4 ducks at the deeper track, then had 4 ducks at the shallower part. We figured out that the shallower part of the river flowed quicker than the deeper part.

      Whilst we were there, we did a litter pick and got bag loads of litter.  We all had lots of fun and learned a lot.

                                            Hayley  Flanagan

Meadowbank 2010

         Meadowbank 2010

Our athletics team went to Meadowbank to compete in an athletics event. We competed against 14 other teams. The children worked well as a team and supported each other, cheering on their team-mates . Their behaviour was excellent and they were a credit to the school.

We had some good results:

Kirsty Jeffries came 3rd in the  girls’ 150m. race

Ann Abraham came 4th in the girls’ high jump.

Kyle Duncan came 6th in the boys’ high jump.

Sean Brown came 5th in the boys’ long jump.

Ruaridh Maclean came 6th in the boys’cricket ball throw.

Emily Johnston came 5th in the girls’ 600m. race.

Our best achievements were:

Rylie Brown came 1st in the girls’ cricket ball throw.

Connor Martin came 1st. in the boys’ 80m. race.

Kelly Whigham came 2nd in the girls’ 80m. race.

We came 2nd in the Tug-of-War.

Well done everyone for your effort and sportsmanship.

Community Litter Pick – 08.06.10

We have organised a community litter pick for Tuesday 8th June.
All classes will be taking part at different times throughout the day.
We will be looking for parent helpers to support each of the classes.
Please let your child’s teacher know if you are able to help.   

P5/6 will complete their part of the community litter pick with
Richard English the ranger on Wednesday 9th June.