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Primary 4 go Castle Crazy!

Primary 4 have been looking at castles and castle life as part of their topic. After visiting Dirleton Castle, they discussed what made a successful castle and then had a go at making their own castles. They worked in teams and used cardboard to make the models,  paper mache to give the cardboard a textured look and then painted them. All the groups worked really hard and we hope you like the results!

P4 Visit Edinburgh Castle

On Wednesday 3rd February primary four visited Edinburgh Castle to find out more about castle life and Mary Queen of Scots for their castle topic.  Although it was very chilly at the castle we had a super time and learned lots from our tour guide Calum.  As we were visiting the castle in the afternoon we were lucky enough to hear the one o’clock gun!

We had fun learning about the castle’s defences and got to try lifting some of Mons Megs’ cannonballs, but as you can imagine they were far too heavy! We saw the Great Hall where big banquets would have taken place and also the dungeons where prisoners of war were kept. We even learned how people went to the toilet back in medieval times and it wasn’t very nice, we can assure you! We were able to spot various plaques on the castle walls that told us that Edinburgh Castle was a royal castle. We even found a plaque that comemorated the year that Mary Queen of Scots and her husband Henry Stuart had their son James in the castle.

Before we left we got to see some chainmail, armour and swords that soldiers would have used in battle and we even dressed up as different people that would have lived in or worked for the castle in medieval times. Don’t we all look lovely? We hope you enjoy the photographs of our trip.

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