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Our new eco greenhouse

Last year’s eco team thought of building a greenhouse. The eco team wanted to use a eco friendly way to make it. We needed 2400 2 litre plastic bottles to make the greenhouse. We asked Ormiston Grows to help us build it. We are very pleased that the green house is finished and look forward to growing lots of vegetables. The eco team would just like to say a very big thankyou to everybody that helped us to collect the bottles.

Ormiston Football Club

Tom, Rory, Euan, John, Leon, Lee, Liam D, Charley and Ryan are the school football team. They played a match against another School Football Team. They won 3-0 Rory scored 2 amazing goals and John blasted one in the back of the net. The team formation was,
Leon – Goalkeeper
Lee – Left Defence
Charley – Right Defence
Euan – Left Midfield
Ryan – Centre Midfield
John – Right Midfield
Rory – Striker
Tom – Substitute
Liam – Substitute
All the team would like to say a big thank you to Tom and Rory!!

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party

Primary 5/6 organized a Diamond Jubilee Garden Party. Our group was in charge of  the invitations. We had to make sure that the invitations got to the right teachers and classes in the school. We also had to take the tables out and decorate them. We also served the strawberries and ice cream.

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party

Doesn't this look good?
We had to organize a Diamond Jubilee Party for the whole school. We were the food group. We had to give everyone strawberries and ice cream. We had lots of fun in the process.Our Diamond Jubilee Garden Party was great. We think everyone had a  great time.The only downside was that we had to tidy it all up afterwards.

Our job was to go to the co-op and transport the food to the school.We also had to cut all the strawberries in half and dish them into bowls.We had a helping hand from Mrs.Adams, Maggie and Elaine.

So we would like to say thank you for all your help .

Yours Sincerely

Lia,Thea,Zoe,Logan and Morgan .A.K.A The food group.

Diamond jubilee garden party

Doesn't this look good?
On the 1st of June we had a party to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Our group were the tables group. We had to look for spoons ,bowls and table cloths. Also we had to carry out tables and chairs into the playground.We counted out 300 spoons instead of 258, just in case. The tables looked really nice with the union jack napkin and the red, white and blue napkins. Well, that’s all we have time for!
Erin, Holly, Alex, Jaylea and David.

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party

Dancing to the music

On the 1st of June 2012, Ormiston Primary School celebrated the Diamond Jubilee by having a garden party. Primary 5/6 got split into groups to help plan the party. The groups were: Music and games, decorations, tables, invitations and food. Our group was the music and games group. We made a CD with all the songs that everyone likes, and everyone loved it. We played some games including: pin the crown on the queen and prince, prince, queen(like duck duck goose).The party was really good and everyone loved the music and they were all up dancing!

By Hannah, Megan, Leon, Amy and Jamie.

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party!

Having fun
The Diamond Jubilee Garden Party was hard because it was hard to find good deals for the decorations but in the end we found everything we needed.Once we had put all the decorations and balloons up in the playgroundlooked great and we are pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Euan,Kyran,Kiara and Leah.

P6 Botanic Gardens Visit

Yesterday P6 visited Botanic Gardens as part of our rainforest topic. We first arrived at the Botanic Gardens and walked about the entrance hall looking at all of the different things about the rainforests. There was different smells, sounds and sights that you would experience in the rainforest. Then we went to a room where we could put our things so we didn’t have to carry them about with us.

    The first workshop we took part in was called A Trip Around the World. We went into the glass houses.  Inside the glass houses there were different climates. There was a Desert and a Rainforest. Our guide told us information about the different plants and animals that are in the glasshouse.

      When we had finished that workshop we then had lunch. The second workshop we took was called An Adventure in the Rainforest. This workshop was  where we spent most of  our time in the rainforest glasshouse. Our guide told us all about different plants like carnivorous plants. We all had great fun and learned lot’s more than we already did.