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An exciting delivery in P1/2!

It was very exciting in P1/2 yesterday when the postman delivered a postcard from our friend Zog.  Zog had sent it all the way from the Amazon Rainforest!

In writing on Monday we will be writing our own postcards to Mrs Gardyne.

Have a look at home to see if you have any postcards you can bring in and share with the class.



‘Save the Rainforest’


P1/2 read ‘The Kapok Tree’ today and had a class discussion about the message the book was giving us.  This message was that the animals were feeling angry and sad that the man was trying to chop down their home- The Kapok Tree.

We wrote a letter to the man sharing our feelings about his actions.  We took on the role of an animal and had a think about how the animals would be feeling knowing their home was going to be cut down.

Can you think about ways you can help to ‘Save the Rainforest?’

P1/2 would love to know!