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What I’ve Learned at school this week…

This week I’ve been learning…

-How to make Mini Carrot Cake, it was amazing! Heres a tip: If you add sultanas it makes it multi tasty!
-Facts about nutrition: remember; to eat fruit Its the biggest part of the eat-well plate!
-I also learned my eight and nine times tables! didn’t find them too hard. A tip with maths is try as hard as you can, practise and WALLA, you’re great at it!
-I also learned NOT to smash an egg full power on a bowl, it was a bad experience! 🙂
-I then went to a rugby festival, IT WAS GREAT!!! We did REAL rugby tackling. But not on each other, on big tackling bags!!

By Theodore


I liked the cooking but I grated my finger when I was grating the carrots.The best part was reading the instructions and helping Craig in P1/2. After they got cooked we got to take them home and they tasted great. By Mirren.

P5 ruby festival!

P5 had a tag rugby festival at Tranent rugby playing fields. It was really fun.

Lots of schools from around East Lothian took part. We played lots of fun games like sharks and fishes, tackle the pads and some matches against other schools.

Many said “That was so much fun. I would love to do it again.”

Tag rugby is a really fun game that many children really enjoy. The key is to pass and steal tags. If you can, try and score a point!!!

By Freyja P5

P5 Rugby Festival

Today P5 had a rugby festival with lots of different schools from the P5 Tranent cluster. It was great fun!
At the rugby festival the mini maches of tag rugby was everyones favourite.We also had fun games such as sharks and fishes, tackle the bag, ball kick and bag push.
The aim of the game in sharks and fishes is to be able to cross the bank of grass with out being caught by a catcher.
The next game is tackle the bag, in this game you have a partner that holds a tall, sponge bag and what you have to do is run up to it and tackle it to the floor, in this game I would tackle it down low and turn your head to the side so you won’t wack your face on the foam tackle bag.
In the next game ball kick, you will need to place a ball on top of a cone and then you need to kick it very hard to get it over the goal post, a good tip for this is to try to kick the cone but instead of the cone coming of the ground the ball will go flying over the goal post.
And the last game is bag push, in this game you will need a partner to hold a foam bag and the other partner will try and push their partner and