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The Police visit the Nursery

The Police visit the Nursery on PhotoPeach
We had a visit from Finlay’s dad who is a Policeman. We had a chat about the role of the Police, other people who help us and road safety. We went out to see the Police car and we saw it’s flashing lights and heard the siren.


Nursery Garden Centre on PhotoPeach

We made a garden centre and cafe in the nursery. We made lots of flowers to sell and pretended to plant bulbs (shallots) in the sand tray. The grand opening was performed by Mrs Gardyne. We had lots of fun!

Nursery- Thanksgiving

Eloise’s mum who is American came to the nursery to tell us all about Thanksgiving-a big American celebration in November. She told us a story and then we made a picture of a turkey. For snack she made us popcorn and brought in dried apple and cranberries. Nursery- Thanksgiving on PhotoPeach