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Christmas Eco Decorations

The school Eco committee judged the entries for this year’s Christmas Eco Decoration competition. They said it was really hard to choose a winner as they were all so good. Elise Gillies in P4 won first prize.
Entries for the Christmas Eco Decoration competition on PhotoPeach

Our new eco greenhouse

Last year’s eco team thought of building a greenhouse. The eco team wanted to use a eco friendly way to make it. We needed 2400 2 litre plastic bottles to make the greenhouse. We asked Ormiston Grows to help us build it. We are very pleased that the green house is finished and look forward to growing lots of vegetables. The eco team would just like to say a very big thankyou to everybody that helped us to collect the bottles.

Eco Visit

On the 17TH p3/4 and the eco-group met Nicky Orr, Nicky makes things out of anything recycled!

One of the things Nicky made was a bag made of apple juice cartons, another of the things she has made was Lego cufflinks.  These things was amazing because they are reusing old things.Nicky owns her own shop in Musselburgh selling the things that she has reused.All the eco-group and P3/4 are very grateful for Nicky coming.

Thank you for coming Nicky Orr

By Amy McConnachie and Emma Hamilton


Bike Maintenance

Following on from some bike maintenance that we’ve been doing at lunchtimes, Miss Kinghorn and Mr Ramage will be helping children to do basic repairs on their bikes at Bike Club on Mondays after school.
If your bike has a puncture or needs to have something fixed or tightened, fill in the form that went home on Friday and bring it and your bike along.
We’re keen to see any P6s who will be starting Bikeability Training soon so we can check to make sure their bikes are in good working order.

Community Litter Pick – 08.06.10

We have organised a community litter pick for Tuesday 8th June.
All classes will be taking part at different times throughout the day.
We will be looking for parent helpers to support each of the classes.
Please let your child’s teacher know if you are able to help.   

P5/6 will complete their part of the community litter pick with
Richard English the ranger on Wednesday 9th June.

Eco News December 2008

Rag Bag Appeal

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the Rag Bag Appeal.  The Appeal raised £123!  This money will go towards school funds.

Yellow Pages Challenge

This year we are once again entering the Yellow Woods Challenge.   The school which collects the most can win a cash prize. This year we are just collecting front covers from your old Yellow Pages.  (The old books can be recycled in the blue boxes).  Please send the old covers to school as soon as possible.  Many thanks

Eco News June 2008

Fair Trade Sweatshirts and Polo Shirts

The children have been very busy promoting the new Fairtrade – Organic  School Sweatshirts and Polo Shirts.  If you would like to place an order please do so by 13th June 2008.

Junkyard Angel

The big  project that all of the children have been involved in this term is our Junkyard Angel Fashion Show.  This will take place on Monday 23rd June at 1.30pm.  All classes have been very busy creating their own outfits or accessories made from recycled items.  We have had a lot of fun and the children have had some wonderful ideas.

Gardening Club

The Primary 5 Gardening Club have been very busy looking after the front garden at the main school entrance.  The pots are now looking colourful with bright flowers and we have planted herbs, onions, potatoes and strawberries.

Wildlife Garden

We have a huge thank you to say to Mr Manning who has very kindly made us a beautiful wooden sign to put in the Wildlife Garden.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Wormery Compost.

Mr Sam Jess came in to help us with the compost that the litter worms in our Wormery have produced.  Mr Jess says that it is top quality compost!   We have sent a sample away to a Composting Competition run by Changeworks in Edinburgh.