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Good Citizens of Ormiston Primary!

Pupils are almost at the end of very busy fortnight in school. Over the past two weeks, you may have noticed a few children around the village on their way to the library, the Day Centre or local houses. In school, each class hosted a coffee morning to help the children of Mozambique. They have learned about the work of Unicef in Mozambique and the Rights of the Child.
Tomorrow each class will tell about something they have been finding out about at a special
In true Ormiston tradition they will raise lots of money by dressing up in the colours of the the Mozambique flag.
Here are some pictures from our P5/6, P4 and P7 coffee mornings.

P4 Visit Edinburgh Castle

On Wednesday 3rd February primary four visited Edinburgh Castle to find out more about castle life and Mary Queen of Scots for their castle topic.  Although it was very chilly at the castle we had a super time and learned lots from our tour guide Calum.  As we were visiting the castle in the afternoon we were lucky enough to hear the one o’clock gun!

We had fun learning about the castle’s defences and got to try lifting some of Mons Megs’ cannonballs, but as you can imagine they were far too heavy! We saw the Great Hall where big banquets would have taken place and also the dungeons where prisoners of war were kept. We even learned how people went to the toilet back in medieval times and it wasn’t very nice, we can assure you! We were able to spot various plaques on the castle walls that told us that Edinburgh Castle was a royal castle. We even found a plaque that comemorated the year that Mary Queen of Scots and her husband Henry Stuart had their son James in the castle.

Before we left we got to see some chainmail, armour and swords that soldiers would have used in battle and we even dressed up as different people that would have lived in or worked for the castle in medieval times. Don’t we all look lovely? We hope you enjoy the photographs of our trip.

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Citizenship Fortnight

The children are all going to very busy over the next two weeks before half term as they think about how they can help others in the community.
Primary six and seven pupils will be walking dogs, clearing paths, dusting rooms, hoovering carpets just to name a few jobs for the elderly community in Ormiston.
Primary three are meeting some younger members from the Mother and Toddlers down at Ormiston Library on Wednesday to read them some stories.
Primary five are going on a litter pick as part of their John Muir project.
Primary four are thinking about being polite and remembering their manners.
Every class will be working on enterprising activities about being good citizens.

Scots’ Assembly

Classes are working hard on their poems and songs for our Scots Assembly next Friday 29th of January. Parents are welcome to come along and hear the performers.

Many classes are linking this work to other areas of the curriculum. Here you can read a poem written by Niamh Gillies in Primary 7.

This New Year I had a braw wee plan.
I’d stop biting my nails
for as lang as I can.
They got awfie short and very sore
I’ll find ma’sel a much safer chore.

I was inspired when I keeked at my pals
wee nails.
So I bought bonnie polish in the
New Year sales.
They’ll grow long like a bonnie lassie’s
Aw strang and shiny you’ll hae to
wear glasses.

So everyday I dinnae bite
Not even when am scared in the night.
I give them a wee paint
Short and sare they definately ain’t.

Niamh Gillies P7

Primary 3 visit Ormiston Library

Primary 3 had a very busy day on Wednesday 13th January.
In the morning they got to meet author Lori Dan who has several children’s books published.
They listened to a story from one of her books called First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts, then told them a story about a Viking which she discovered when researching for one of her books. The class loved every minute of the session and at the end had some great questions to ask Lori. The library had also some free books for the children to choose from.

In the afternoon, there was more story telling but this time with a twist. Shona Davidson from the Arts Team took the class into the gym hall for a drama workshop called ‘The Hungry Giant’. The class loved stomping around like ‘Giants’.

Primary 5 Go Off To Camp

This week, ten Primary Five children are off to Kingswood School Camp in Northumberland for 3 days with class teacher, Mrs James and school secretary, Mrs Shillinglaw. This will give them a taster of what camp life is like when they go to Benmore in Primary seven. They are all looking forward to it.

June Events in School

This is a very busy month as we head towards the end of term and indeed the end of the school session for 2008-2009. Learning stories are almost ready to go home for that very important last comment from the parents’. Make sure to check out what your child has been achieving this term.
School is closed on Monday the 8th June for a teacher’s inservice day when the teachers work on the new curriculum for excellence targets.
School sports day is on the 17th June all day! (with a back up date of the 23rd June if the weather is bad or the ground is too wet).
Last year we had a very successful whole school walk at the end of June and so it has been included again this year. We hope to also have a picnic on our way to Pencaitland this time.
Primary seven are getting very excited as they look forward to the two day visit to the Ross High School on the 10th and 11th of June. We will say farewell to them at the end of term Church Service held in Ormiston Parish Church on the 25th of June at 9.30am. The end of school term also sees the annual Ormi’s Got Talent contest take place so Simon Cowell had better watch out! School finishes at usual time on 26th June.