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Book Week

Children from the Nursery to P7 have been enjoying hearing lots of stories this week in school. They signed up to hear a story read by members of staff. They have heard about how some children in the world don’t have the opportunities to an education. Some children came in to hear a story read by a teacher in Australia via a weblink and finally tomorrow they will get the chance to dress up as a character from their favourite book. Primary four are going to link up with other classes in a glowmeet to tell about their favourite books.[rockyou 136547756]

Diary Dates

Next week is a busy week for staff and pupils as we head towards the Easter Holidays.
Parents will be in to school on Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon to meet with teachers.
Wednesday is the big treat for all ‘Golden Timers’ and Thursday is the church service at 9.30am in Ormiston Parish Church.
School breaks up at normal time on Friday 3rd April and returns on Monday 20th April.

P4 are growing Potatoes

Primary Four have entered a competition to grow potatoes. The challenge officially starts tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd of March). Over the next few weeks and months the class will be observing and recording the different stages of the plants as they grow. We are also going to be using our very own compost made by our worms in the wormery. Hopefully if all goes well, we will have a weigh in on the 23rd of June and then get to cook and eat them.
The first stage is called chitting. We will be taking photos of what this looks like to show you soon.

P4 visit to Wolfstar Farm near Ormiston

Primary Four were out of school today visiting Local farmer Mr King at Wolfstar Farm on the outskirts of Ormiston village. We set off in one big long line as the pavement was very narrow. Luckily we had Hayley’s dad and Richard, the local ranger to help us with the walk.
We are learning about the local landscape and how it is used so on our walk to the farm we took some photos to use in class next week for a class challenge.

At the farm, Mr King told us about his job and what he grows or plants in the fields. Then he took us to see some of the cattle in the sheds. I think this was our favourite bit of the trip! (there were 3 baby calves in with their mother). He then showed us the huge combine harvester in one of the sheds. You can see it and us! in some of our photos.

Unicef’s Day for Change

On Friday the whole school will be taking part in UNICEF’s Day of Change which this year is focusing on health care in Papua New Guinea. The children were introduced to the issue on Monday and are following this up with home work activities through out the week. They can also take part in a Dressing Down Day (on Friday morning) in the colours of the Papua New Guinea flag – black, red, yellow or white. (or a mixture of all of them!) We are asking for a donation of 50p for this fundraiser. Children can bring as much or as little as they can.

P4 and African Drumming

Today primary four worked with Dougie on learning how to work as a team of drummers. They gave it 11 out of 10 for enjoyment. They were exhausted by the end of the workshop but learned so much from it. The photos give a taste of the day and look out for the video which will let you know how noise they made!

Learning Stories/Dates for your Diary

Today all children will take their learning stories home to show parents.
Everyone has been busy adding their own comments to each section beside the teacher’s comments.
Now it will be the turn of the parents to add theirs.

On Wednesday 10th the Infant Department will be putting on their Nativity for the whole school and
then perform a further 2 shows for the parents in Ormiston Church.

The children are looking forward to their class parties on the last week of term so here’s a little reminder of the days for each class.

P5 and P6 – Monday afternoon 15th Dec.
P3 and P4- Tuesday afternoon 16th Dec.
P1 and P2 – Thursday afternoon 18th Dec.
P7 Dance – Tuesday evening 17th Dec.

Church Service – Thursday morning 18th Dec. 9.30am
School finishes at usual times on 19th Dec. and reopens Monday 5th January 2009