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We have used the word smmoooooothies because Aaron says its fancy!!!

We in P3/4 have been learning about Healthy Eating  and had fantastic fun!!!!!

This week we have been tasting fruit and trying out different combinations  in order to find out what flavours taste best.

We are going to make smoothies for our teachers this Friday, 9th of March, because  Miss Abrahams and Miss Dunn drink too much coffee and tea, and do not eat enough fruit.

Today we have finished our posters on Glogster. Glogster is great as we can upload images ( Daniel), it has loads of cool pics ( Cameron),and we can make it very colourful( Abby D). We can add in voice and sound too ( Isla and Angus).


Enjoy our posters!!

50 house points to the first 3 people to comment on a poster.


News Release: Consultation on new development plan

East Lothian Council is seeking the views of residents and others on future land-use and development in East Lothian as it prepares a new Local Development Plan.

The plan will eventually replace the East Lothian Local Plan 2008.

Councillor Barry Turner, the Council’s planning spokesman said: “The Council is interested in hearing the views of everyone with an interest in East Lothian. We want to know what aspirations you have for the way your area might develop over the next ten years or so, and what planning issues you think may need to be addressed in the new plan. Continue reading News Release: Consultation on new development plan