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P3 Season Slideshows

The primary 3s have been learning to sign in to an online Web tool called Photopeach and create a slideshow to help them learn about the months of the year.







A Victorian Lady visits Ormiston

Mrs Lodge visits P2 and P3 on PhotoPeach

Mrs Lodge (a very important Victorian Lady) came to visit us to tell us what it was like in Victorian times, what her day would be like and the clothes she wore. She also brought along lots of Victorian things for us to look at i.e. a pair of childrens shoes, a chamber pot, an iron, a Victorian coin and lots of clothes and materials.

P3 share their work on Paul Klee  by Darryl and Jack   by Samantha and Chloe   by Amy and Saiphin   by Keiran and Finlay   by Katie and Sacha  by David and Chloe  by Aimee and Bea



Bairns Bonnie Burns Bothy

Primary 3 became greeters, servers and waiters last week, turning their classroom into the Bairns Bonnie Burns Bothy for Primary 1 children to visit.

The menu was haggis, neeps and tatties, oatcakes and cheese and shortbread.

Primary 3 then performed Twa Legged Mice and Marie’s Wedding.

Bairns Bonnie Burns Bothy on PhotoPeach

It was a very successful and fun afternoon and the P1s had a great time.
P3 said, “It was hard work and we enjoyed it very much.”
Miss Knox said, “The children did really well and I am proud of them.”


Orienteering and Problem Solving

On Friday morning, Bill, Martyn and Dave from Outdoor Education came to school to work with P3 and P4/5 outside in the park.

The Primary 3 children were given maps and ‘dibbers’ and learned how to do orienteering.

Primary 4/5 had some problems to solve in and around the swing park.

Orienteering and Problem Solving on PhotoPeach

It was a chilly day and we had to keep moving to stay warm.