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Sailing ships by Primary 3

Primary 3 learned that Louis Hope sailed on a ship called the Euphrates so we decided to make some ourselves. We used the junior hacksaws to create a timber base so they could stand up. It took us all week to make them.
Sailing Ships on PhotoPeach

Primary 3 and Louis Hope

Primary 3 have been busy this term learning about some of Ormiston’s famous Victorians. You might have spotted us on our walks around the village as we surveyed some of the streets we live in. The class made a portrait of Louis Hope, one of the Hope family who once lived in Ormiston Hall. He left Ormiston in 1843 to emigrate to Australia where he named his new home, Ormiston House. The class would love to find out more about Ormiston in Australia. [nggallery id=14]

Citizenship Fortnight

All classes in the school will be involved in projects in and around the school during the last two weeks of the Easter term. Look out for the P6 and 7 pupils who will be helping to clean paths, wash dishes, hoover carpets, empty dustbins and walk dogs just to name a few of the jobs being asked of them by residents of Ormiston.

Primary3 and The Hungry Giant

Primary 3 enjoyed a great Drama lesson from visiting Arts Specialist Shiona Davidson. The class very quickly ‘became’ Giants and soon learned some very important skills. They got the message about how to help the Giant overcome his problem.
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P3 Dinosaur Museum

Primary 3 opened their Dinosaur Museum to parents of the class and all pupils in the school. They worked very hard to create a full display of fossils and dinosaurs. The class also created trails of footprints to follow to the interactive room and the children’s corner. Watch our slideshow and please feel free to leave comments.
P3 Dinosaur Museum on PhotoPeach

Ormiston get ‘Glowing’

Staff have been busy on the Glow network today( Thursday). Remember if you have usernames and passwords you can go on to the groups created by teachers and take part in the surveys or discussions. Miss Kinghorn has asked for photos and she will up load them on to Photo Peach. If you don’t have a camera send us your thoughts via the comments after the post or the slideshow. It has a cool feature for this!

Snow Days

Looks like our bad weather means you all have to stay at home so why not take time to leave comments on the blog via Tweets or at the end of our posts.
Let us know what you are up to. Hopefully some of you are practising the words for our Infant Nativity.

Primary 3 learn about Dinosaurs

Sarah and Caroline from East Lothian Museum services showed primary 3 how to be archaeologists and dig for fossils. They had great fun pretending to be their favourite dinosaur.

Watch the end of the slideshow for all our comments or leave your own.

All Aboard The Giant Peach

All Aboard!Ormiston’s Primary Three took part in a cluster music project this week with pupils from St Martin’s, MacMerry and Elphinstone.

This was the result of three sessions with musician and teacher Louise Martin. The schools had to perform a piece from the story of James and The Giant Peach to each other. All pupils met in the gym hall at Ormiston and showed each other what they had created using their voices or instruments. You can listen to the song that all the children had to learn for the performance.