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We have used the word smmoooooothies because Aaron says its fancy!!!

We in P3/4 have been learning about Healthy Eating  and had fantastic fun!!!!!

This week we have been tasting fruit and trying out different combinations  in order to find out what flavours taste best.

We are going to make smoothies for our teachers this Friday, 9th of March, because  Miss Abrahams and Miss Dunn drink too much coffee and tea, and do not eat enough fruit.

Today we have finished our posters on Glogster. Glogster is great as we can upload images ( Daniel), it has loads of cool pics ( Cameron),and we can make it very colourful( Abby D). We can add in voice and sound too ( Isla and Angus).


Enjoy our posters!!

50 house points to the first 3 people to comment on a poster.


P3/4 Can teach you how to make a circuit.

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We made a circuit!


Elise, Nathan, Evie and I made a circuit yesterday. We used two batteries, one battery holder with wires, two pairs of crocodile clips and a buzzer. We joined them altogether to make the buzzer buzz. We had to make sure that there was no breaks in the circuit. I got a little fright when the buzzer went off!!


By Angus  


This week Primary 3/4 have been busy putting together elcteical circuits in the classroom.

They worked in groups with no help from Miss Abrahams, and had to work out HOW to make the bulb light up.

P3/4  are going to share their learning with you so that you can try and build a circuit too!– Evie Nathan & Andrew Sadie & Cameron Isla & Charlie Emma & Claire Lauren & Eamonn Holly & Abby Daniel & Aaliyah Freyja & Aaron Ryan & Jennifer Elise & Jamie

P3/4 Learn about being safe with electricity



 You might get an electric shock.

 It will cause a fire.  

 Angus   Made by Charlie, Isla and Nathan  Made by Holly, Evie and Abby  Aaliyah and Andrew   Sadie and Cameron  Elise and Jamie   Claire and Emma   Jennifer and Ryan   Freyja and Aaron

Primary 4 go Castle Crazy!

Primary 4 have been looking at castles and castle life as part of their topic. After visiting Dirleton Castle, they discussed what made a successful castle and then had a go at making their own castles. They worked in teams and used cardboard to make the models,  paper mache to give the cardboard a textured look and then painted them. All the groups worked really hard and we hope you like the results!

Primary 4 start a new topic…

Primary 4 have just started their new topic on Mary Queen of Scots. They will be looking at her life and death and finding out why she is such an impotant historical figure. As a class we came up with some key questions we want to find the answers to, you can read them in the comments section when we blog them in our ICT time on Tuesday…

New Planters

Primary 3 and 4 took advantage of the dry spell this afternoon to plant up their area planter. Thanks to jannie Peter for building them and thanks go to Eddie the school janitor for helping to wheelbarrow round some of the compost.
The school playground looks very colourful already.
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