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P4 Visit Wolfstar Farm

P4 are currently learning about how land is used in and around Ormiston.

We were lucky enough to visit Wolfstar Farm, which we can see from our classroom window, on Thursday 3rd June.  It was a beautiful sunny day so we enjoyed our walk there and back.

Mr King the farmer and his son Ross showed us around the farm.  We learned about the crops that grow on the farm and the animals they keep.  On Wolfstar farm they grow wheat and barley.  The only animals they keep on the farm are cows and bulls which are sold for meat.

It was an exciting day to visit the farm as just 15 minutes before we arrived a calf was born!  We saw him trying to take his first steps but he was rather wobbly and couldn’t quite get up.  We also saw twin calves, a boy and a girl, who were born the day before our visit.  They were getting their ear tags put on when we arrived.  We really loved this part of our visit!

Ross turned on the combine harvester so we could hear how loud it was.  We also got to take turns sitting in the tractor and even saw a cow getting a shower.

Each group took lots of photos.  Here are some our photos for you to enjoy.

[rockyou 157840827]

P4 Assembly

P4 performed their assembly ‘Medieval Mayhem’ on Friday 28th May.  We had learned so much about the scandalous life of Mary Queen of Scots that we just had to share it with the rest our school and families!

We decided to tell the story of Mary Queen of Scots through a news programme called ‘The Medieval Mayhem News’.  We had lots of fun playing different characters and dressing up.

Thank you to so many family members for coming along.  We hope you enjoyed our assembly and learned something new!

Here are some photos of us in action.

[rockyou 157851929]

Good Citizens of Ormiston Primary!

Pupils are almost at the end of very busy fortnight in school. Over the past two weeks, you may have noticed a few children around the village on their way to the library, the Day Centre or local houses. In school, each class hosted a coffee morning to help the children of Mozambique. They have learned about the work of Unicef in Mozambique and the Rights of the Child.
Tomorrow each class will tell about something they have been finding out about at a special
In true Ormiston tradition they will raise lots of money by dressing up in the colours of the the Mozambique flag.
Here are some pictures from our P5/6, P4 and P7 coffee mornings.

P4 Visit Edinburgh Castle

On Wednesday 3rd February primary four visited Edinburgh Castle to find out more about castle life and Mary Queen of Scots for their castle topic.  Although it was very chilly at the castle we had a super time and learned lots from our tour guide Calum.  As we were visiting the castle in the afternoon we were lucky enough to hear the one o’clock gun!

We had fun learning about the castle’s defences and got to try lifting some of Mons Megs’ cannonballs, but as you can imagine they were far too heavy! We saw the Great Hall where big banquets would have taken place and also the dungeons where prisoners of war were kept. We even learned how people went to the toilet back in medieval times and it wasn’t very nice, we can assure you! We were able to spot various plaques on the castle walls that told us that Edinburgh Castle was a royal castle. We even found a plaque that comemorated the year that Mary Queen of Scots and her husband Henry Stuart had their son James in the castle.

Before we left we got to see some chainmail, armour and swords that soldiers would have used in battle and we even dressed up as different people that would have lived in or worked for the castle in medieval times. Don’t we all look lovely? We hope you enjoy the photographs of our trip.

[rockyou 156483450]