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Rude Mechanicals

Children from P1 to P7 have been creating ‘machines’ of all kinds.

One quote was – ‘I wish we could do this everyday’ .

Technology has been the buzz word in school for the last two days. You can see how much P4/5; P4 and p1 enjoyed the visit.

Quote from Mrs.Gilmour – “I saw why the children enjoyed the activity so much today, especially the boys! The team who are “Rude Mechanicals” had a very relaxed but methodical approach to making the machines and it was very much about every one achieving a successful product within a short space of time.”


Can Do Will Do

Primary 7 had an unusual start to their week with an enterprise activity in the gym hall.

A report by Calum Spence

I think the Can Do Will Do was fantastic and it was good how Will the man that ran it gave us lots of fun activities. I liked it when we got in to our groups and co-operated together like a really good team. We all liked it when Will gave you a prize sweet if you answered good questions. I also had a great time because when you where working hard in your groups he would come up to you and say: “How are you?”, and you would to answer back “FANTASTIC!” I learnt famous sport people don’t do it on their own. There are a lot of people alongside him to help him. This made me think that you everyone needs people to help them. One last good thing was you couldn’t say it was bad because Will had every thing organized perfectly.

A report by Caitlin

I thought Can Do Will Do was fantastic because I liked how we all sat down as a class at first and discussed things about being successful. Will the man that was running it showed us a man that entered a Olympics and nearly killed himself each year he went in and at the end of all that he one first place so Will said you don’t have to be smart to be successful.

I thought it was great fun because we got to get together in groups to do activites like: memorising games, mazes, drawing games, writing games, song games and other stuff. If your team won you got a sweetie out the hat.

Will also played this game, it was like: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and we got questions asked and if they were wrong you didn’t have to do a forfeit if you didn’t want to but we all done them.

I also liked when Will shouted: “How are you? “ and we all shouted back “FANTASTIC!!” and even the teachers joined in all the activites and it was good how he got everyone to join in.

Everyone asked if he could come back again because it was THAT good.

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Stars in the making

Ormiston P7’s were treated like celebrities as they headed off for the film premier of ‘Stage Fright’. The whole school waved them off as they left in convoy on Friday the 4th of May.

We look forward to hearing all about the day. Perhaps the class will let us know a little about it on the website. Please leave a comment.

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P4 Science Project


Our class project this term is learning about Invertebrates and Vertebrates.

Here are some of the comments the class made after the lesson on making ladybirds.

It was fun because we got to make them move – Niamh

We are learning about invertebrates for our science in a fun way – Orla

I liked making the ladybirds by putting all the pieces together – Taylor

The best part was making the wings and underneath the body – Sonny

The hardest part was making the wings move – Rebecca

It was fun and easy to make – Cameron

I learned that there are lots of different species of ladybird – Chloe

Eggstravaganza in P6

Primary six had to decorate eggs at home this week as part of a homework challenge.  See some of the amazing designs in the pictures below.

Mrs Torley had a very difficult decision deciding on the winners!

Well done to Ceilidh for ‘bees in a flower basket’, Kathryn for ‘Scotch Egg’, Kieran for ‘Sponge Bob’ and Adam for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.