We have a very clear plan for supporting charities throughout the school and our aim is to inspire and encourage your children to organise charitable activities themselves for any charity that they have a link to or are inspired by. The purpose of doing things this way is to encourage the children to think of others and to take the time to plan and carry out a charitable project of their own choosing.  Hopefully this will follow them through into adulthood where they will carry this on and continue to take time to support others who are in a position of need.  There is a huge personal connection to a lot of these fundraising events and I am always so humbled to watch the children organizing things in this way for the benefit of others.  They have chosen to support animal welfare charities, Cancer Research, individual wards in hospitals that have cared for family members, homeless charities, food banks and of course, the larger charity events such as Red Nose Day and Children in Need.  Any children wishing to run an event for a charity  speak to Mrs Gardyne who helps them with their organisation.


Most of these events are on a smaller scale because they have been organized and run by children but are so much more powerful as a result of it. We love to see red noses, Pudsey ears, snazzy hair-bobbles and the like on the bigger charity days too if your family choose to support them.  Details of charity fundraisers are shared in assembly with the children in advance and recently we have been putting them on Twitter too.  The children are also responsible for promoting their event and usually put up posters around the school and go into classes to explain what they are doing.  After the event they meet Mrs Shillinglaw in the school office to count the money and then send it off to the charity.  This is a large personal commitment from the children organizing the events and they learn a lot from the experience.  We choose not to do dress-up days for charities to allow the children to have the opportunity to  organise events for themselves but we are supporting World Book Day in March each year with a dressing up event.  Information about this will be provided to families to share the specific theme for the day nearer to the time of the event.


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