Cooking Together


Health and Wellbeing is at the front of the school’s development plan. So far, the pupils have been involved in keeping fit through running, cycling, dance and playground games. We encourage healthier choices in packed lunch boxes and what better way than to get them to make it themselves with a little help.

Cooking together and encouraging children to take part in choosing, preparing and making simple dishes can help them eat a wider variety of foods and even improve their Maths!

You don’t have to be an expert yourself – start with something simple, then you can focus on making it it fun for both of you…

Deciding what to make and shopping for ingredients together can be a great learning opportunity – talk about where the ingredients come from and get them to think about how much of everything you’ll need.

Once you’re ready to cook, let them help you weigh the ingredients – look at the numbers on the scales together and count out ingredients like eggs as you add them in.

Getting them to think about and use words like lighter and heavier is great practice for the essential Maths skills they’ll be using when they get into the classroom.


 If you’re interested in cooking together at home you might find something tasty in the links below.

Happy Cooking!

The Scottish Governmewnt have produced an information pack for families.  If you click on the link below you will be able to take a look.

Eat Better Feel Better information pack 011214

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