Our School Developments

rookieEach year we make a plan to help our school move forward.  We select things that we think are important for Ormiston Primary and take account of any developments within East Lothian Council or nationally.  At the end of each year we evaluate our plans and make new ones for the following year.  If you have any questions about these plans or would like to be involved in putting them into action please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in school.

We use a Driver Diagram to help us to plan what we would like to do and to identify the key initiatives that we think will make the biggest difference to help us to achieve our goals. This diagram will help to explain how they work.              Driver diagram explanation

School Review Documents

In December 2019 we were visited from representatives from East Lothian Council to review our school .  These reports share their findings about our school.

Ormiston School Review December 2019. docx



Session 2019/20

Ormiston Primary School School Improvement Plan 2019-20

Child Friendly School Improvement Plan June 2019

Children’s Yearly Update June 2019

Standards and Quality June 2019


Session 2018/19

Ormiston Primary School School Improvement Plan 2018_19

Standards and Quality June 2018

A review of some of our developments by some of our children 2018

Service Improvement Plan 2018-19 for children

Session 2017/18

School Developments 2017-18

Update for Children June 2017

Ormiston Service Improvement Plan 2017-18

Session 2016/17

This is our plan for next session.  We have complied two Driver Diagrams from this information to make the plan clearer.

   Service Improvement Plan 16-17

Attainment Driver diagram

Developing the Young Workforce Driver diagram

Session 2015/16

Development Plan 15-16 Evaluated Document

Language Driver diagram

Maths Driver diagram



Celebrating one hundred and twenty five years in 2013