School Meals

The school meal menu is changed twice a year.  The most up to date version of the menu can be found on the East Lothian Council website at

Children are issued a menu before it changes and can select their choice each day.  when they come into school in the morning  there are picture on the wall showing them what the meal choices are for the day.  They then select a coloured band relating to the meal choice on the menu.  The colour of band is indicated on the top of the menu and on the picture cards.


   The children then wear the bands and hand them over in the canteen.


The bands help us to make the right number of portions for each of the meal choices and also to make sure that the children at the end of the line will have as much choice as the children at the front of the line.

More information about the lunches can be found on the back of the leaflet the children are given.  Children in primary one, two and three and provided with a free school lunch each day should you wish your child to have it.    capture

Here are some photos to allow you and your child to have a look at what is on for the winter 2016 menu.





No products containing nuts are allowed in school.  This is to protect a child with a nut allergy.  This includes tree nuts like coconuts.  Please be aware of things like chocolate spreads that have nuts in them too.  We thank you very much for your help with this.

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