School Uniform

We love to see children looking smart in their school uniform!

Children are asked to wear grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore.  These should be smart and in a traditional school uniform style.  Children should wear smart shoes too.  Primary 1 to 6 children should wear a red sweatshirt or cardigan and children in P7 wear a grey one.  We sell a school sweatshirt with the school badge on it but children do not need to wear this if you would prefer for them to wear a school type jumper from elsewhere.     You can order school uniform from Border Embroideries online.  You can reach their website by clicking on the links below.  We keep a very small stock of jumpers in school if you need to try them on for size.

School jumpers can be ordered here:


Children in the nursery can wear anything they like but we would request that they wear something you don’t mind if it gets dirty or painty.  We do have a nursery sweatshirt in a variety of colours htat you can order if you choose to.  Nursery jumpers can be ordered here:


 You can choose to have your sweatshirts personalised by Border Embroideries.  This can be selected when ordering on the website.  Some families like getting this done because they feel they have less lost property and that it saves them money replacing missing garments in the long run.

IMG_5345       IMG_5346

For PE and fitness actitivies children are asked to wear a red t shirt.  These should be plain with no branding on them.  We have a school fitness t-shirt that is appropriate for P1 to 7 and is in red.


P7 children wear red t-shirts too to enable us to go to competitions wearing a unified school outfit.  We do lots of fitness activities outside and children in P3 to 7 can wear a red fitness hoodie.  This is only for sports activities and should not be worn for normal school uniform.  It has our school logo on the back and is nice and cosy in the winter.


Children in P3 to 7 change into indoor shoes every day.  This is the kind of shoe that is appropriate.


Slippers are not practical and should not be worn.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to put names on everything.  It is the only way things can make their way back to you.  thank you very much for your help with this.

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