Using Technology

Parents Guide to Airhead

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We love to use technology in Ormiston Primary!

We believe it is really important to help our children to be confident users of technology and use it to enhance learning opportunities.  We have a fabulous team of Digital Ninjas in our school who train and help teachers and children to develop their use of technology.

Our Digital Ninjas are a group of enthusiastic children who meet regularly to develop their skills and to create training opportunities for others in our school.

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Using Airhead

We love Airhead!  Every time we log on to a computer in school we are directed to this page.

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This helps us to organise ourselves, keep track of what is going on and to share news across our school.

It also directs us to our Launchpad,

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This page guides us to useful learning tools and stores all of our passwords for us to make things a little bit easier!

You can access this on any device, in or out of school, by using your edubuzz log in details.

This video might help to explain a few things about using technology in our school.

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