Exploding Volcano!

Today we enjoyed learning how to make a model of a volcano and make it explode like a real one!

We first made the volcano out of play dough. The play dough was moulded around an open bottle. When it had dried out, we painted it brown. Then we poured warm water mixed with a little red paint and added some washing up liquid and baking soda. It was mixed together.

Next we added a few splashes of vinegar……and watched what happened next. The vinegar reacts with the baking soda and the pressure builds up and explodes over the top……just like a real volcano! It caused great excitement!



Sharing knowledge on Dinosaurs- Our buddies visit.

 Liam, Amy, and Finlay from our P4K buddy class are all interested in Dinosaurs and were keen to visit our class to talk about what they know about prehistoric reptiles. Liam, in particular, is an expert on the subject. He brought along a few of his model dinosaurs from home to show P2T. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. We certainly learned more dinosaur names!     


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