P2T Dinosaur Museum


To celebrate the end of our topic, P2T invited parents to their Dinosaur Museum. Parents were issued tickets and leaflets explaining all the wonderful exhibits they would see as they toured the museum.




On entering the museum, parents were greeted with ‘The Dinosaur Song’.  The children enjoyed being tour guides and showing the adults all of our exhibits and displays and sharing their learning.  


Thank you to all parents that managed to come today. The museum open morning was a great way to end a very enjoyable class project.


Walking with Dinosaurs

To raise money for Children in Need the class all took part in a walk around our playing fields. Parents joined us in walking around and in supporting the dinosaurs in walking around the field 5 times. Some chose to run! Alice stamped everybody’s sheet each time they completed a lap of the field. Well done everybody! P2T raised a lot of money……..£80.29! Thank you for your support!