Money Week

We are learning…

  • to recognise the coins and notes that we use 
  • to understand the exchange of coins (and notes) for goods 
  • to talk about things that I may want to spend their money on  
  • to pay for what we buy and that we can pay in different ways (cash, bank/ credit cards)
  • to talk about the things we have to spend our money on and talk about the value of money. 
  • who has the most and least amount of money, who has more than, less than or the same amount
  • to solve problems involving counting, adding and subtracting in the context of money
  • to show change from a £1 coin and exchange coins to £1 and use them to buy things

How big were the dinosaurs?

Today we investigated how big the dinosaurs were and looked up their lengths in some of our class project books. Our classroom measured 6 metres wide so we decided to go outside to measure the much bigger dinosaur lengths. 


The class worked in teams to carry out all the tasks: 

  • Record the dinosaur name and length on a label
  • Look up the length in our books
  • Measure in metres using a trundle wheel 
  • Roll out the same length in string 
  • Attach the string to the labels
We found out that the Diplidocus was the longest and it measured an amazing 26 metres! That was the same as 20 children in our class lying head to toe alongside the measured string! The Stegasaurus measured 9 metres which is the same length as 8 of us lying down. Both of these dinosaurs were plant eaters.


Brontosaurus- one of the longest dinosaurs….. (over 20 metres long!)