Walking with Dinosaurs

To raise money for Children in Need the class all took part in a walk around our playing fields. Parents joined us in walking around and in supporting the dinosaurs in walking around the field 5 times. Some chose to run! Alice stamped everybody’s sheet each time they completed a lap of the field. Well done everybody! P2T raised a lot of money……..£80.29! Thank you for your support!   


P.E – Travelling Skills

Over Sept and October, we are working on ‘Traveling Skills’. Lessons are held both in the gym and outdoors. 

We are learning to…..

  • demonstrate control of our body when moving
  • to use space well when moving
  • demonstrate different ways of travelling, which includes changes of direction and shape
  • use different parts of the body to move
  • develop body control when moving, rolling, jumping, climbing on/off apparatus
  • to follow simple instructions or demonstrations when engaged in individual or group activities
The children were given the challenge of finding out as many different ways as they could to travel across, around and over the bench. The class were able to show a variety of ways and many children demonstrated using different parts of their body to move on and over the bench.