Literacy Theme: Traditional Tales

We are learning to…..   
retell a traditional tale 
retell a traditional tale by sorting jumbled sentences
 compare traditional tales 
use puppets and props to retell a story 
describe the characters in a traditional story 
write a character profile
explore a different version of a story 
write my own version of a traditional story. 
listen to other’s stories and give feedback on what they did well and how they could improve.  

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll Blow Your House Down!

 P2T have enjoyed activities based on the traditional tale, ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We made pink pigs and our houses of straw. Will the wolf come? What will he do? How could the little pig protect his house? Will the house be blown down? Will someone help the pig?Everybody had their own story of what happened next!  

“I will build a house of straw”, said the first pig. on PhotoPeach

Buddying with P4K

This year our buddies are P4K. Some of us have brothers or sisters in this class. We meet most Fridays for a joint activity and over the weeks we are gradually getting to know our new buddies. P4K have been learning about pirates and this week we all made pirate flags. We had a good laugh making up our pirate names!

P.E – Travelling Skills

Over Sept and October, we are working on ‘Traveling Skills’. Lessons are held both in the gym and outdoors. 

We are learning to…..

  • demonstrate control of our body when moving
  • to use space well when moving
  • demonstrate different ways of travelling, which includes changes of direction and shape
  • use different parts of the body to move
  • develop body control when moving, rolling, jumping, climbing on/off apparatus
  • to follow simple instructions or demonstrations when engaged in individual or group activities
The children were given the challenge of finding out as many different ways as they could to travel across, around and over the bench. The class were able to show a variety of ways and many children demonstrated using different parts of their body to move on and over the bench.

Cursive Handwriting

 I am learning to…..

  • hold my pencil with 3 fingers
  • write my ‘tall guys, small guys and fall guys’ the correct size
  • use the correct letter formation
  • have all my letters and words sitting on the line
  • put finger spaces between my letters and words
  • present my handwriting neatly
  • finish my handwriting on time
The children have had opportunities to practice their joins on whiteboards before trying to write on smaller lines. Although a little tricky, the class have managed to learn several new joins this month.