A Tearful Farewell!
Friday December 04th 2015, 11:49 am
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…… ok not quite tearful. More like cheerful!


Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts. So amazing and so unexpected. I feel a bit of a fraud, knowing I’ll be back.  It’s been fantastic teaching P3 this year and I hope in the future I can return and teach you all further up the  school.

It’s hard to leave a school which has formed pretty much all my teaching career. I consider Pencaitland to be “my School”. I’ll miss you all.

Mr Cain

Dance / Authors Visit / A.R. – lots more for P3 to experience.
Thursday November 26th 2015, 8:35 pm
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It’s been another week full of new opportunities for P3. Of course all the usual stuff was there – reading, spelling, handwriting, maths (time & problem solving), daily run etc But there was much more to it than that. We made some rather large watches so we could practice telling the time. In art we made Ancient Egyptian inspired hieroglyphic wax resist pictures and did our share on the joint P3/P4 giant Christmas hall display.  We all took part in the Star Reader activity which is the beginning of the accelerated reader programme. Some of us will start on AR books next week while others will go on later in the year.  The dance instructor came in to school and showed us how to do the waltz, tango and cha cha. They were a lot of fun. In music with Mrs Davies, we started to learn the Christmas songs that will be sung at the tree lighting ceremony in December. The author John Farnell came into school and talked to us and the P3 children from Salton, Humbie and Sanderson’s Wynd who also came to listen. He made us laugh with his stories and illustrations. And in the woods we made assault courses and fitness stations. We got to try them all out.

P3 rock at their assembly
Friday November 13th 2015, 4:36 pm
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It was a wet and wild week but P3 finished it in style, wowing everyone with their assembly about space and the sun & moon.

It started like any other – maths (telling the time and problem solving), spelling, handwriting and we had to read some pages about Ancient Egypt and then answer lots of different questions on it. Our daily runs were often in rainy weather but we did them anyway. In art, we finished our canopic jars and we had to use fact books and the laptops to research different things about Ancient Egypt. But we had more exciting things to do as well. Shonagh came back and we finished our drama on Hansel Gretel. It was thrilling and just a little bit scary. It was even more scary when P7 took us into the woods. We were blindfolded and did the “nightline” that P7 had done at camp. We had to follow in a line getting wet, tickled with leaves and got muddy too. We were very brave and P7 thought we had done very well. We were proud of that.

And finally, on Friday we put on our assembly to the school and our parents. Everybody thought we had were brilliant. Lots of the classes and teachers stopped by to say how much they had enjoyed it. What a great week.