If you go down to the woods today you’d better go in disguise – because P3 are there!
Thursday September 24th 2015, 7:17 pm
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Well it’s been another hectic week. We’ve written stories about a stormy night in a wood, kept really busy with our maths and read lots of our group novels. We also had the second week of our maths problem solving and this time 2 different groups succeeded. They are very tricky and everyone in the group needs to help out or we won’t puzzle out the answers and win extra golden time! We learned about weather forecasts and forecasters and got to try being one for an afternoon. Everyone seemed to like the idea of lots of rain. And talking about water, we learned more about the story of Noah from the bible. We had to listen very carefully so we could sort out 14 different bits of the story into the right order. Having got lots better at our catching we are now learning how to throw properly with our feet in the correct position and how to move our arms. And on Thursday afternoon, Richard the ranger took us down to the woods to look for minibeasts. We had to use a chart (key) to see if we could identify what sort of beasties we discovered. Cameron even managed to catch a toad! How he got it in the magnifying box¬† no-one is quite sure!!



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wow looks like you are all having a great time, , jodie’s mum

   liz on 09.25.15 @ 7:39 am    Reply

I hope no one was eating worms in the woods!

   Matt Galvn on 09.25.15 @ 3:42 pm    Reply

Wow I’ve never seen a toad in those woods. Nice one Cameron!

   Will's Mum on 09.25.15 @ 7:57 pm    Reply

My favourite part of last week was going to the woods with Richard the ranger. We learned lots of interesting information…..Lori

   Lori on 09.26.15 @ 1:29 pm    Reply

in chess I beat Fergus.

   Murphy on 09.26.15 @ 3:01 pm    Reply

Wow! I can’t believe that Cameron actually caught a toad.

   James Jack on 09.27.15 @ 10:55 am    Reply

I loved catching and throwing with Cissy, it was the best time ever!!….Heather

   Stuart on 09.27.15 @ 6:53 pm    Reply

I’m glad we went to the woods with Richard the ranger we had loads of fun! Cameron is a geniuse for finding a toad.

   Courtney Jost on 09.28.15 @ 3:12 pm    Reply

i love all the things i do in school because i feel im growing up

   liz on 09.28.15 @ 3:17 pm    Reply

When we went to the woods we were really lucky to catch two leopard slugs.

   avalon on 09.28.15 @ 3:56 pm    Reply

I like going into the woods with the Richard the Ranger because we collect lots of insects in our tubs and learn all about them. Kaitlyn ?

   Kaitlyn on 09.28.15 @ 4:23 pm    Reply

My favourite bit was going in the woods it was great fun.from Chloe

   Kayleigh on 09.29.15 @ 7:20 am    Reply

My favourite bit was going in the woods. It was great fun. From Chloe

   Chloe milazzo on 09.29.15 @ 7:22 am    Reply

Cissy giving it the full “Now is the winter of our discount tent” on the weather forecast there.

   Jim (Cissy's Dad) on 09.29.15 @ 3:24 pm    Reply

I loved going to the woods and seeing the toad!

   Emily Atkinson on 09.30.15 @ 7:26 am    Reply

Nice piece of homework this week from Mr. Cain on the first person to walk on the moon. Made me think about the guy who didn’t get to walk on the moon because he was driving the Command Module, whose name (Wikipedia informs me) was Michael Collins. Cissy said he should be famous too, because without him they other people couldn’t have walked on the moon. It’s amazing how thought provoking homework can be!

   Jim (Cissy's Dad) on 09.30.15 @ 9:15 am    Reply

When Cameron found the toad it was very exciting and when you looked in the magnifying glass it was HUMUNGOUS!

   Cissy on 09.30.15 @ 3:22 pm    Reply

The group nearly made it to more golden time. We’ll try harder next time!

   Daniel on 09.30.15 @ 5:45 pm    Reply

It was really fun going in the woods. I liked kicking the mud and finding worms.

   Mary Lonie on 09.30.15 @ 5:54 pm    Reply

I enjoyed helping my friends at chess.?

   GEORGE on 09.30.15 @ 6:12 pm    Reply

I enjoyed going out with Richard the ranger and finding a toad !!!!

   cameron on 09.30.15 @ 6:16 pm    Reply

I enjoyed going out with Richard the ranger and finding a toad !!!!

   cameron davidson on 09.30.15 @ 6:20 pm    Reply

I beat Cameron at judo.

   Fergus Lonie on 09.30.15 @ 7:11 pm    Reply

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