Hurrah – we’ve reached the holidays!
Thursday October 08th 2015, 8:50 pm
Filed under: WEEKLY UPDATE

P3 have reached the holidays with a typically busy week. The week started with the usual jobs of spelling, writing and circle time.  In PE we have moved on from throwing and catching to jumping. We learned how to position our body to jump correctly, how to move our arms in the jump and most importantly how to land properly so we didn’t hurt ourselves. In our topic, we learned about hot and cold climates in the weather and how the Earth, Moon and Sun all moved (orbit) around each other in space. It was fun trying these out in the playground. We carried on with our chess lessons and more and more of the class know how all the pieces move now. We did our “Walk to Junamina” when the weather picked up on Thursday and also went down to the woods on Thursday afternoon. We made a journey stick as we walked through the woods to remind ourselves of what we had seen and discovered as we went along.